For weeks, I’ve been poring over the incredible structures showcased in the new Kohler web series “Built Green”–buildings that artistically combine cutting-edge, energy-saving technologies and beautiful, timeless design.

The five remarkable structures in this series are bristling with revolutionary innovations: Living roofs, radiant floors, and computer-automated LED lighting, to name a few, result in homes that sip energy rather than guzzle it. Sometimes the high-tech is out in the open, in other cases, it’s artfully hidden away where the casual visitor would never know it existed.

Among the projects, there’s the Hillside House in Marin County, California, a Craftsman-inspired home that melds effortlessly with neighboring homes and with the hill itself. The Solaire, Manhattan’s tony Battery Park high-rise condo, takes environmental responsibility quite literally to stunning new heights. And San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences, a showcase for sustainable practices that is every bit as instructive as the exhibits it was created to contain.

So many projections of the future fill me with dread about our dwindling energy sources. But these dazzling buildings are here right now, as we speak, built green from the ground up, with no compromises or sacrifices in either comfort or aesthetic beauty. They fill me with an unbridled hope and enthusiasm for what we can accomplish when we all come to the barn raising with our very best ideas.

Check out the photos and video for yourself!