In 1936, a postage stamp cost three cents, Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to his second term as president and Kohler Co. introduced the new Wellworth “closet.”

Seventy-Five years later, the Wellworth toilet continues to represent Kohler quality, value and performance, becoming an icon in the industry.  The Wellworth has echoed through generations, and as if that weren’t enough to celebrate, a newly upgraded Wellworth launched last month.

Touted as “Our Best Wellworth Ever,” the new model includes performance enhancements and a water-conserving 1.28-gallon flush.  Aesthetically, the new versatile tank design complements a wide range of bathroom designs.

The Wellworth has certainly come a long way. I dug up some ads from the early days to see the evolution unfold. Check it out!

1936 Wellworth debuts as a “reverse trap closet.”

1937 Wellworth toilet includes a free-standing reverse trap closet.

1974 Wellworth Water-Guard toilet uses 3.5 gallons per flush, a 30 percent savings from conventional toilets using as much as 5 gpf.

1985 Wellworth design change features trapezoidal tank.

1989 Wellworth Lite toilet model introduced and uses 1.5 gpf.

1995 Wellworth Eco Lite gravity-fed toilet offering 1.1 or 1.6 gpf.

2007 Wellworth features the Flushometer Bowl with 1.28 gpf.

2011 Redesigned to celebrate 75 years, the new Wellworth features a sleek flare design and high-performance, water-saving flush.

The full Wellworth evolution, from right to left (1936 – 2008).