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The new year often comes with the urge to clean our closets and organize our office space. Why not consider your bathroom as well? De-cluttering the bathroom and bringing more organization to your space is a great way to simplify your morning and evening routines.

When we create bathroom designs at The KOHLER Store, we begin by exploring the customer’s wish list. And at the top of everyone’s list is “less clutter and more counter space.”

A mirrored storage cabinet is a great solution. The Robern® Uplift opens vertically, with no swinging doors–perfect for small bathrooms with little room to spare. Accessory holders can be added for cosmetics, medicines and toiletries, freeing your counter of all the bottles and clutter.

Well-placed accessories like double towel bars or a series or robe hooks, keep clutter off the floor and create a space for towels and clothes.

As quickly as steam rises in the shower, so do collections of shampoo bottles. Built-in niches can be planned during the remodeling stage to create hidden recesses for all your shower supplies.

Wall-hanging storage baskets are a great solution if you want to add organization to an existing shower. Our new storage baskets even coordinate with faucet finishes.

A vanity can offer a tremendous amount of closed-storage space. Consider vanities with pull-outs or deep drawers, interior shelves that are notched around plumbing, or roll-outs for added storage inside the sink base.

See the Persuade
® vanity.

When building new or remodeling an existing space, consider recessed wall niches for additional towel storage. This also presents a unique opportunity for splashes of color and artwork.

Keeping your bathroom clutter-free is not as hard as it sounds, it just takes the right set of tools. How do you keep your bathroom organized? We’d love to hear your creative clutter solutions!

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® freestanding bath.