With spring and summer finally here, it’s time to begin those annual home projects. Typically, when I make my list of home projects, it grows quickly. But remodeling doesn’t need to cost a lot of time or money. In fact, a few accessory changes or a new coat of paint can go a long way.

I’ve pulled together these six designer tips for a quick and easy bathroom remodel that really goes the distance:

See Robern’s Uplift mirror.

1. Add mirrors. Especially for a smaller space, a decorative mirror can make a room appear larger and reflect more natural light.  Consider a big, dramatic piece and enjoy the feel of a larger bath.

Explore the San Francisco Green Home and Bay Area Designer Home.

2. Mix it up with paint. A new color will give your bath a fresh new feel. Consider the watery tones of blue and green to bring a quiet spa-like feel or combine muted greys and brown tones to create a more natural palette.

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3. Swap out your old light fixtures. Pendant lights give the bathroom a new, elegant feel. Up lighting draws the eyes upward and creates the sense of an open atmosphere. Under counter lights bring definition to a vanity. And finally, consider adding a dimmer to set the mood and even save electricity.

Browse bathroom accessories.

4. Get organized. Start by removing all the clutter, and replace it with a few artful objects. Invest in accessory trays and cups if your toiletries are adding to the countertop chaos. A few creative ideas can go a long way―consider baskets for towels or even an old vintage pail to hold extra toilet paper.

Explore patterns and mosaics from Ann Sacks tile.

5. Add bold accents. Purchase a new shower curtain and fresh towels to brighten the space. Don’t be afraid to opt for bold prints and patterns, the bathroom is a place to really let your style show.

See cabinet hardware and the Alteo toilet paper holder.

6. Update your hardware. Sometimes, a simple swapping of cabinet knobs or drawer pulls in a new finish gives the bathroom a fresh look and feel. And let’s not forget functionality; accessories like grab bars and pivoting toilet paper holders add features to the bathroom that make things just a little easier.

These easy tips are a great way to get your bathroom back up to speed. So before you throw in the towel, save it and change the color–it’ll go a long way!