Fresh from Dwell on Design, we’re sharing the most innovative products shown at last weekend’s Dwell on Design.

DTV Prompt

DTV Prompt

It may seem strange to begin with our own product, but we’re proud of our new DTV Prompt. Winner of Dwell’s most innovative product award, the DTV Prompt brings your shower into the twenty-first century. Pause your shower, set the temperature, and even set a timer for your shower, all with the easy-to-use digital interface.


Panasonic Relax Chair

Courtesy of Panasonic

Many massage chairs have been released over the past decade, but the Panasonic Relax Chair (EP-MS40) is one of the rare exceptions that seamlessly blends in to other living spaces.
 Its compact size and accompanying back pillow make it just as comfortable and chic as any other chair, but this one feels especially nice when turned on after a long day.


KOHLER Numi Toilet

Our Numi toilet received quite a lot of buzz, mostly due to the innovative high-tech features. Everything from the self-cleaning bidet wand and heated seat to the audio outlet for MP3 players and built-in deodorizer, the Numi toilet truly breaks the mold. And what’s more, it carries the WaterSense label, offering water-saving 1.28 and .6 gallon flush options. We showcased it in a beautiful prefab designed by Marmol Radziner.

Lincoln MKX with MyLincoln Touch with Microsoft Sync

(Courtesy of Lincoln)

We were able to try out the MyLincoln Touch™ system with Microsoft Sync in a simulator at Dwell on Design and it really blew us away.  The touchscreen and voice-activated MyLincoln Touch™ system keeps you connected with the rest of the world, even when you’re at the wheel. Receive calls over the vehicle’s audio system, browse your music library and program the temperature–all at the touch of a button (or a simple voice command).