Part of our “Tresham Reimagined” series, Interior Designer Travis Rotelli puts his creative mind to work, using our Tresham collection to create a space for the fresh-out-of-college professional.

As a designer, I always tackle a new project with a ‘jumping off’ point, to really help clarify my design vision. It can be anything: a vintage locket, a shade of paint, an ornate arch over a doorway. Whatever it is, it inspires the rest of the room.

With this project, I browsed Kohler’s Tresham collection and immediately knew I wanted to use the pedestal sinks. I was especially drawn to the hard structured lines, very sleek and modern. I wanted to take advantage of the versatility of Tresham and move it in a more modern direction.

With my starting off point in mind, I was ready to pepper in some fun. My fun in this room was the fully articulating Karbon faucet and the bear skin rug. The rug is definitely the head turner. It gets people talking and discussing why on Earth something like that would be in there. My answer is…why not?

As a whole, the space is fresh, clean, modern and fun. I titled the room, “Instant Professional.” To me, it’s about going from college and jeans with flip-flops to a career and a freshly pressed suit, grabbing your briefcase and a new tie on your way out the door each morning.

The room definitely reflects my personal style. I like to keep my designs clean…simplistic with a minimalist approach. I try to live like a true minimalist in my personal life, but that will forever be a struggle.


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