Part of our “Tresham Reimagined” series, Industrial Designer Niels Eilmus puts his creative mind to work, using our Tresham collection to create a bathroom for that rebellious teen in all of us.

As an industrial designer, my job is to be creative in all aspects…it is the core of what I do.

My first step in designing the space was grasping the idea of Kohler’s Tresham collection: Preppy with a twist. I looked at images and clothing that exemplified the preppy look, and the more I thought of preppy and how to put a new twist on it, the iconic plaid pattern came to mind.

From there, I had a billboard company create the huge sections of plaid on the back wall. It was the only way to get that kind of scale.

As I thought about the rest of the space, I imagined a family home, a Tudor, with a couple of teenage boys. While they had this beautiful suite that their parents most likely picked out, the boys were given the freedom to really make the room their own. I imagined these kids who bridged the world of this big Tudor home, preppy clothes and skateboards, and this idea really mashed itself together: preppy blended with that skater aesthetic and attitude.

The result is a blend of clean and messy, classic and modern. In the end, the room doesn’t so much reflect my personal style as it does my personal attitude; the freedom to make something your own, blending seemingly opposite aesthetics and creating something compelling.



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