Part of our “Tresham Reimagined” series, Print Supervisor Zinka Ramdedovic is remodeling her outdated, storage-less bathroom to a timeless and functional space for the whole family.

My current bathroom is outdated. It’s grungy, it’s blah, and most importantly, it’s storage-less. As a family of four (myself, my husband and two kids), a functional bathroom is a must-have in our home.

When I began looking at our options for a remodel, I knew I wanted this to be a DIY project. Lucky for us, my father is a retired electrician, and my father-in-law is a contractor, so a full bathroom remodel is entirely within our means.

The first step in the process was to design the new space; lay it out on paper. I really wanted to incorporate a personal element into the room, something that has family history. I opted for my mom’s vintage gold bracelet.

In 1976, my parents married in Montenegro and came to America shortly after. My father bought this beautiful gold, Italian bracelet from a small, family-owned Italian jewelry store in the Bronx as a wedding present for my mother.

Growing up, I always told my mom that I wanted the bracelet, I adored it! I have two older sisters who tried to claim it, but I guess I was the lucky one. In 2004, a few days before my wedding, my mother gave me the bracelet and said that one day I can give it to my children.

With my inspiration in mind, I began looking for faucets, fixtures and furniture that suit my style. Kohler’s Tresham collection is a great fit. The classic, timeless design is exactly what I was looking for.

I immediately tackled our storage situation (currently, we have none). With the Tresham vanity collection, I was able to piece together several furniture options to create my ideal storage. I especially love the pullout bridge–it provides additional storage, and sits four inches lower than where the sink is, making it easy for my kids to reach.


I won’t give too much away, as we’re still in the process of building. Stay tuned for before-and-after photos. I can’t wait for us to finally have a functional bathroom again!


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