Part of our “Tresham Reimagined” series, Stylist Rachel Gremminger puts her creative mind to work, using our Tresham collection to create a bathroom straight from the era of Hollywood Regency.

As a stylist, you’re subject to the space you’re given, which may or may not align with your taste. You have to think about that space and the style of living it would invite.

Kohler’s Tresham collection is so versatile, it looks and feels as though it could be from any era, which left a nice clean palette for me to work with.

I started with a base of Hollywood Regency and added a bit of theatrical detail and kitsch. From there, I just did what felt right and created a narrative from a gut feeling.

The fun of it is trying to make everything beautiful and a little piece of art without going completely over the top. You have to pick your poison but know when to stop.



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