Well, after two weeks of hard work on behalf of my wonderful husband, father, and father-in-law, our bathroom is complete. And let me just say…I love it!

I finally have a bathroom that feels cozy and relaxing. Looking back at the before pictures, you can see we had no storage space. And as a family of four (myself, husband and two kids), storage is a must-have in the bathroom.

Pictured: Tresham vanities, sink, and toilet; Margaux faucet, towel ring, TP holder, and shelf; Purist sconce

With that in mind, we swapped out our old pedestal sink for a gorgeous Tresham vanity. I even added a pullout storage bridge to help keep our toiletries organized and out of sight.

In the shower, we installed a DTV digital showering system and handshower. This really helps when you have kids–the temperature is always set to a comfortable level and the handshower lets us move the water around where it’s needed.

Pictured (right): Margaux showerhead, Shift handshower, DTV digital shower system, Bellwether bath

And of course, I cannot forget the true inspiration behind the design: my mother’s vintage gold bracelet. I used gold finish on the faucets and accessories as a nod to this very special piece of jewelry, handed down to me, and it really adds an antique charm to the space.

Now that all the hard work is done, it feels great to have a bathroom that I truly love. It went from cold and neutral to warm and stylish, and most importantly, it’s a space for the entire family.



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