Our Tresham bathroom collection is all about personalization, and to celebrate this mantra, we created theTresham Keepsake Contest.

We’ve already announced the grand prize winner. And now for the runners-up!

Congratulations to…

Brandy Woodall Ritter

Brandy submitted a photo of her grandma’s shoe buckles, chosen by Karla Martinez of W magazine.

In Brandy’s own words: “These shoe buckles belonged to my Gram, and every time I see them I think of how she would go dancing with my Grandfather on Belle Isle in Detroit when she was a young lady. They make me smile thinking of how beautiful they made her feel.”

Michelle Holley

Michelle submitted a photo of a perfume ad from the 50s, chosen by Peter Som & Jane Lodd of Harper’s Bazaar.

In Michelle’s own words: “My adopted mother was a fashion illustrator for over forty years in Cincinnati, OH. This is one of my favorite ads she drew for a perfume ad in the 50s. I treasure this because it shows how talented she was with design and color and creating desire.”

Jennifer Haberichter Kulman

Jennifer submitted a photo of a hand-stitched quilt, chosen by Katy Brennan of Vanity Fair.

In Jennifer’s own words: “My great-grandmother hand-stitched this quilt from hundreds of neckties. I patched for months, so that it could hang in my home. This quilt is an ideal design piece because it is bold, unique and timeless.

Each runner-up will receive $1,000 worth of Kohler products.

Thanks to all of our participants for sharing your treasures with us. You truly have an eye for great design!