After attending an event at the Designer Visions apartments put together by Hearst Publications in NYC, I thought it might be nice to do a blog series offering a few tips for entertaining this holiday season. I spent much of my time in the gorgeous dining space, designed for House Beautiful by Heather Moore of Jed Johnson Associates. She was inspired by the movie Factory Girl which is about Andy Warhol’s Factory superstar Edie Sedgwick.

Image courtesy of Habitually Chic.

When planning a meal for guests, it’s important to spend a little time deciding how you would like the dining space to look. When setting up your dining space, consider the area around the table. In Heather Moore’s space, she uses the huntboard behind the table as a place to store dessert plates and coffee cups, which makes it easy to transition from the main course to dessert.

Image courtesy of Habitually Chic.

When setting your table, select napkins, centerpieces, stemware, and plates that complement your room’s décor. In Heather’s space, she chose bright orange napkins to tie in the surrounding wall paint; a stylish, seasonal choice.

If you’re looking to add a bit more pop, consider a color opposite your main décor. Finding your hues on a color wheel is a great place to start. Based on the surrounding orange tones in this apartment, teal colored napkins would have also worked in this space and added a little extra pizazz.

Image courtesy of Habitually Chic.

As for your holiday centerpiece, make sure that it does not distract from conversation. This explosive orchid centerpiece is short and long, which allows anyone sitting at the table to easily converse around it.

If you plan to design your own centerpiece, use three or four dozen flower stems and at least six stems of greens. Fill in the greens around the circumference of your vase and add the stems of flowers at various heights. The greens will act as a structure for you to weave your flower stems in.

For a more rustic look, mix in some tall branches from outside and a few fall leaves.

Image courtesy of Habitually Chic.

Check back next week as we continue prepping for holiday guests. With the dining room out of the way, we’re ready to tackle the bathroom.