See the Tresham pedestal sink. 

After attending an event at Hearst Publication’s Designer Visions, I thought it might be nice to do a blog series offering tips for entertaining this holiday season. I was impressed by these gorgeous black-and-white bathrooms, designed for Veranda magazine by S. Russell Groves.  His inspiration for this space was the film Someone to Watch Over Me, which is about a married New York cop that falls for the socialite he’s been assigned to protect.

The bathroom is often overlooked during the holidays, but preparing your space for guests is an easy to way to leave a big impression. Here are a few quick things you can do to get your bathroom ready for company.

Browse the Tresham collection.

S. Russell Groves adds pops of red to this eclectically styled black-and-white bathroom. If your bathroom is largely white, consider adding an accent color to your space that reflects your personality. For a traditional space, you might use an earth tone, whereas in an eclectic or contemporary space, you might try a pastel or bold pop of color.

Be sure to follow the 60-30-10 rule when incorporating an accent color. In Groves’s space, white takes up 60% of the space, black accounts for 30% and red accounts for the 10%.

Give your bathroom a cohesive and luxurious feel by matching your plumbing accessories, like towel bars and toilet paper holder, to your faucets and showerhead.


Fresh towels are a must when hosting guests overnight. Keep fresh towels on towel bars and leave extras folded near the sink or rolled up in a basket or vintage bucket.

Every holiday guest has their own preference when it comes to bathing and showering. Make sure your shower and bath are equipped with soap, shampoo and other toiletries. Placing a bench in the shower is a great way to accommodate guests of all ages and abilities.

Furniture is a multipurpose solution in the bathroom. Small end tables and shelves placed near the bath serve as a great place to store toiletries and provide guests with a place to set jewelry, glasses and other personals.

See the Rêve freestanding bath. 

During the holidays, we many times forget to stock up on the important things. Have a fresh supply of toothbrushes, toilet paper and other essentials to help your guests feel right at home.

Stay tuned for our next holiday post when we tackle the kitchen.