January is the month of new beginnings. Every year, as sure as the snow falls here in Wisconsin, I start with a burst of energy, resolving to eat healthy, beef up my workouts and start that novel I’ve been putting off for years. Don’t ask about my success rate. And it’s no wonder—psychologists say you shouldn’t make a million resolutions. They advise picking one project and seeing it through to the end.

Making a change—even a small change–to something as routine as your shower can help make your daily life a lot more pleasurable. After all, the average person spends more than 80 hours in the shower each year. Don’t we deserve a great experience?

Maybe you’re looking for a luxurious space with all the bells and whistles. Or perhaps you want to upgrade without having to remodel. You really can have it all—or as much as you want–when it comes to your shower space.

If you’re in a position to dream big, get ready to swoon. The sky’s the limit for combining spa-worthy steam, your own music, colored lights, rain-simulating showerheads and bodysprays, all arranged to your liking and controlled by a simple-to-use digital interface.

Looking to transform an old bath to a shower while staying in a five-foot-alcove footprint? You’ve still got plenty of choices. One idea is to install a shower base and stall. Look for thoughtful features like seats (perfect for shaving your legs) and shelving to keep things neat and tidy.

Another way to build upon your existing space is to add a digital shower system. The DTV Prompt gives you full control of your shower, from temperature to flow, all at the touch of a button.

Shower doors add an elegant clean look, and all KOHLER doors feature a glass treatment that keeps them cleaner. And you can still have a great showering experience, with a group of components—like a handshower, a rain-simulating showerhead and three bodysprays—all operated by a high-flow pressure-balancing valve.

Even something as simple as replacing your showerhead—perhaps with the Katalyst that offers bigger, more substantial drops—can change your showering experience considerably. Or, add an element of surprise with something like the Flipside showerhead and handshower. Simply flip the sprayhead on its axis to choose from four unique sprays.

That’s the beauty of updating your shower: How far you go is completely up to you!