Hello! Let me introduce myself: I am Jason Oliver Nixon, one half of the Brooklyn, New York-based interior design firm Madcap Cottage that I co-run with my partner, John Loecke. If you are familiar with our work, you know that John and I are simply crazy, over the moon, and passionate for color. And we are also mad for bringing our far-flung travels into our interior design projects.

So why not craft a bathroom that mixes some high-octane hue with elements culled from high-stepping hijinks? And, no, that was not a question.

John and I are just so tired of bathrooms that are boring and bland. A bathroom should be big, bold, and bodacious. Think fabulous paint treatments, wallpaper, sinks that truly sing, a glittering chandelier overhead, tiles that are tip, top, terrific.

So come on, folks–take your W.C. from wearisome to wonderful!


Says John Loecke, “You spend gobs of time in your loo, so why not make it a real looker.”

I so agree. Why splash about in a bath that looks sterile and unsophisticated?

A bath should be inspirational and make you want to kick your cares to the wind and live life to the fullest and maybe bob you hair and scamper through fountains after midnight in black tie.

Just saying.

John and I also believe that you should bring some exotic influences into your loo, too. Why not have a Turkish moment here or a Moroccan influence there, or perhaps a taste of the Cotswolds in a corner?

To get you in the mood, John and I pulled fabulous products inspired by a recent trip to the glamorous and fabled La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech, Morocco to create a bathroom that is colorful, exotic, glittering, and fabulously far-flung.


Here are two shots of the glamorous La Mamounia hotel in Marrakech. This is the hostelry where Alfred Hitchcock filmed The Man Who Knew Too Much with Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. G-l-a-m-o-u-r to the max!

A good toilet is one of the foundations of a bodacious bath, and the gents at Madcap Cottage love nothing more than the Hatbox toilet, with its clean, sleek lines. This is a toilet like no other. OK, so it’s white, but it still looks like a million bucks and could be a fabulous garden stool tucked into some glorious landscape.

John and I almost melted when we encountered the Imperial Blue design sink with its fabulous dragon. Um, amazing! And while this sink has nothing to do with Morocco, we love its exoticism. Why not mix myriad cultures and influences together in one bathroom?

(From left: Kohler Hatbox toilet, Kohler Imperial Blue sink, Kallista For Town faucet, Ann Sacks Iznik tile)

The For Town by Michael Smith basin set with green nephrite jade cross handles makes us swoon. We love the rich green hue of these handles and their “plucked from the steppes of Asia” glamour. A slam dunk.

Kick up your walls with a delicious exotic influence, such as these Iznik tiles from Ann Sacks. So plucked from a harem, n’est-ce pas?

Every bathroom should have a fabulous paper covering its walls, and we are smitten with Thibaut’s Ivana wallpaper in coral and turquoise. Banish the beige, and have yourself a big old orange crush.

We think bathroom lighting should be luscious, so invest in the Abalone chandelier from the Selected Works of Tony Duquette. This is one focal point that says fabulous.

(From left: Thibaut Ivana wallpaper, Baker Abalone chandelier, Vie Luxe candle, Casablanca lanterns)

A kitted-out bathroom should always have delicious candles scattered about, and John and I love nothing more than Vie Luxe’s Maldives candle. Oh, the scent…divine.

And while candles are fabulous, why not add some lanterns, too, for even further luxe, such as the spiffy Casablanca lanterns in a jaunty aqua hue from Z Gallerie. Splendiferous!

Bring some far eastern flair into your bath with the Regency Pagoda lamp from the Selected Works of Tony Duquette. And you thought that lamps were only for living rooms and bedrooms? P’shaw! Why not use table lamps in the loo? We certainly do!

(From left: Baker Regency Pagoda lamp, Baker Ella table)

Every look needs a terrific bench, a spot where you can hold towels or simply catch your breath upon experiencing the glamour of your loo. The Madcap Cottage boys suggest the Ella table from the Bill Sofield Collection. So Bill Sofield calls it a table, we call it a stool. It works either way, and we love the black-as-night good looks!

And there you have it—a loo with a view! What region of the world would you design a bathroom around?


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