This weekend marked Dwell on Design – a design show highlighting new home products, eco-friendly innovations and hands-on displays.

There’s no easy way to explain all of the incredible styles and emerging trends, so I’ll recap with visuals. Let’s make our way onto the show floor and see what’s new!

The Design Materials Lab offered a hands-on look at some of the new and innovative eco-friendly materials making their way into the building world.

Organic, globular shapes offered new, cornerless perspectives, resembling familiar forms found in nature and utilizing space in new, innovative ways.

Plants are being displayed in creative ways: Hung from the wall, tucked into contemporary containers, even planted right in the center of the side table.

These beautiful lights are crafted from recyclable materials, like cardboard, and highlight the strong geometric theme found throughout the show.

And of course, color. Our own KOHLER Colors booth featuring Jonathan Adler won the Best Booth Design award, and the neon trend that has dominated this season continues to forge ahead.

Of course, this is only a small sample of the amazing booths peppering the LA Convention Center. If you didn’t make it this year, it’s well worth the trip!