An inside view of the Moxie showerhead and wireless speaker.

Showers and music go together like soap and water. Who among us hasn’t had the guilty pleasure of belting out a power ballad or two in the privacy of our acoustically-friendly shower? Unfortunately, grooving on shower tunes has too often meant setting up our boombox, smart phone or laptop on the sink, precariously balanced and soon covered in steam.

Now, there’s an easier way to bring music into the bath. Introducing Moxie, a showerhead with a magnetically-docked wireless speaker.

Sync your device enabled with Bluetooth® technology and stream music, news, podcasts and more.

Charge the wireless speaker for up to 7 hours of continuous play.

Even with a speaker right in the middle of the showerhead, the Moxie sprays have been adjusted to provide full coverage.

The removable speaker attaches magnetically to the showerhead, making it easy to pop out and take with you to the beach, campground, anywhere!

Order your Moxie online–it’s the perfect gift for those music mavens in your life.