Whenever someone invites me into their home as a designer or as a guest, they often ask me to “take a peek” at the master bathroom and talk to them about their “someday” plan – as in “Someday, we’re going to tear out the bathtub and redo everything in here.”

When I ask them why they want to eliminate the bath, they usually respond in one of two ways: The existing bath takes up too much room, or they don’t use the bath that often.

Certainly those are valid reasons. However, through thoughtful planning and exploring of new options, keeping a bath can enhance your comfort and enjoyment of the space.

Play with Scale
People living with smaller bathrooms often question whether they are giving up valuable storage space in favor of keeping the bath. Fortunately, today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of bath options to accommodate just about any room size and design scheme.

Let’s cover the basics:

 The Asian-inspired Escale collection.

A freestanding bath visually opens up the space, particularly when it’s positioned away from a wall.

 The classic clawfoot Iron Works Historic bath.

Clawfoot tubs are elevated from the floor and appear to “float” within a space. Pair them with a floor-mount faucet system to eliminate having to conceal unsightly plumbing behind a wall or underneath a bulky tub deck.

 The clean, contemporary Bellwether bath.

Stick with baths and plumbing fixtures that have sleek, simple lines. If your space is limited and you want the convenience of a bath and shower, be sure to choose a tub with a flat bottom.

 The space-saving Underscore bath.

Scale back on size. For example, swap out an existing two-person bath for a sleek, Japanese-inspired soaking bath.

Consider Your Lifestyle
Perhaps you don’t enjoy using your existing bath because it’s not offering the benefits you want. Today’s baths allow you to create a custom bathing experience based on your lifestyle and personal needs.

 The soothing Escale BubbleMassage bath.

For example, if you travel frequently, you know first-hand that trekking through airports, maneuvering through security and sitting in cramped airplane seats for hours on end takes a toll on your body. Soaking in a bath helps to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation after a long week on the road. Perhaps a deep soaking bath, or one that offers hydrotherapy such as air bubble massage, is right for you.

 The soothing Escale BubbleMassage bath.

One of my clients, a former college football player, swears by his whirlpool. Water jets deliver targeted, intense massage capabilities, easing his aching joints while helping increase his circulation. As part of his nightly routine, a 15-minute soak helps him to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

 Play music through your bathtub, with VibrAcoustic technology.

I can’t do an entire post on baths and forget to talk about VibrAcoustic technology. This high-tech transmits sound waves through the water, offering a unique, therapeutic experience. Whether you’re unwinding from a long day, or gearing up for a night on the town, you control the playlist!

Your bathroom should be everything you want it to be – calm, rejuvenating, relaxing. Selecting the right bath can help you create a personal spa, right in your own home.

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Allison Bergamo, AKBD, is Founder and Principal Designer of Bergamo Interiors, LLC. An accredited kitchen and bath designer, Allison creates comfortable, stylishly functional living spaces for clients ranging from urban bachelors to suburban empty-nesters. Her work has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media outlets including DIY Network’s popular remodeling show, “Rescue Renovation.” An accomplished writer and blogger, Allison has interviewed a variety of design and culinary experts. She can be reached at www.BergamoInteriors.com.


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