When Canadian couple Damian and Leila Chen needed to remodel their cramped kids’ bathroom, they turned to Manuel Neves. Manuel is a jack-of-all-trades: Filmmaker, carpenter, and star of Hardcore Renos, a show dedicated to renovating outside of the box. This eclectic toolbox of talents helped the Chen’s get the bathroom they were looking for, and allowed Neves’ unique vision to truly shine.

“Damian and Leila are actually good friends of mine, and they were looking to remodel their kids’ bath to accommodate their sons Kian and Sasan. The current space was too small, outdated and had a mold problem from the kids splashing water around. I specialize in waterproofing spaces, so immediately, I was up for the challenge.”

Products shown: San Raphael toilet, Antilia sink, and Oblo faucet.

“One of the first things I did was look at the lighting. I went to film school, and a big focus of my time there was on getting the right lighting. A lot of people think ‘a light would look nice here and maybe one over there,’ but you need to think about how it looks turned on. What mood does it set?”

“The kids’ bath was cramped, especially with Kian and Sasan sharing the space. The bath and shower jutted out into the room, blocking natural light and forcing the toilet into a tight corner. We knew we wanted to open the space up–make it feel light and airy—and that’s exactly what we did.”

Products shown (right): Serif bath, floor-mount bath filler, Oblo faucet handles, and Shift handshower.

“Leila definitely wanted a vaulted ceiling and a skylight, but there was a main roof truss that was 20 inches shy of where she wanted it to be. So, we did a little engineering and a lot of reinforcing, and we were able to open the space up and make room for both a bath and a shower.”


“The vanity area solves a lot of problems. I actually looked at the Robern Uplift mirror for inspiration. We decided to create a mirror that slides side-to-side to hide toiletries and be fully usable for both vanities.”

Products shown (right): Purist luxury showering package, Oblo valve trims, Echelon shower locker and seat and Purist sconces.

“All the walls in the bathroom are covered in tile, we didn’t just stop at the tub and shower. We wanted to waterproof the entire space to eliminate the mold problems the homeowners had in the past. It’s also much easier to clean this way!”

“As a filmmaker, I’m always creating stories and looking for creative outlets. When we finished this bathroom, I wanted to present a story that highlights the bathrooms cool features and really show how kids will be kids. I think the final video really shows the usability of the space in a fun, creative way.”