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Kohler Talk is our place to listen, share and inform. With the help of our team of expert bloggers, we’re able to share our thoughts on trends, new products, history, advertising, sustainability, design, architecture, plumbing, customer service, and much more.

Since, 1873, Kohler Co. has made it a mission to improve the level of gracious living among its customers. This blog is one more step in that direction, offering a place to inspire, improve and help whenever possible.


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Robert Zimmerman is an expert in water conservation and sustainability. His engineering background and passion for preserving the environment make him the go-to-guy when it comes to sustainable living.




Angela Miller is an archivist and historian for Kohler Co. If you’re looking for a vintage Kohler ad from the 60s, an old toilet you saw in an antique shop, or a newspaper clipping on the Chicago World’s Fair, she’s got it!




Associate content manager Jo Brown has a penchant for home design. When she’s not touring idea homes or attending designer events, she’s busy putting together a slideshow of pictures to share with you.




Lynn Schrage is a designer and manager at The Kohler Store in Chicago. If you’re unsure which faucet finish to pair with your sink, Lynn can help. She’s also got the latest news on designer events happening in the Chicago area.




Mark Thiel is our social media manager, in charge of making sure things run smoothly here on the Kohler Talk blog and elsewhere in social-land. He’ll keep you posted on contests, coupons and all things community.


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  1. We have a 6 foot, lime green color,sunken steel tub. We installed it at the time we built our house in about 1970.
    I love my tub and the slant that allows me to soak and read by the hour. We are getting it reglazed but I don’t want to get it painted and have to deal with a softer coating.
    I’d like to know the name of the color of green. I’d like to order a commode seat, which I thought I saw on your web sight not to long ago.
    Also, I’d like ideas for redecorating with this color, if you have any. We are giving our bathroom a face lift but can’t get another tub of this size in without ripping out walls, but we have pulled down tile and drywall.
    Thank you

  2. kay price

    If this is to Kohler..I need to replace a 70′s brown commode lid and the flushing mechanism for the commose as the handle has to stay depressed in order for the commode to flush. What advice can you giveme? thanks for your time

  3. kay price

    I need to relace the lid of a 1770 era brown commode as well as the flushing mechanism for the commode. What advice can you give

    • Kay Price

      That should have read 1970 Kohler Commode (brown). I still need help/

      • Hi Kay, this is Mark at Kohler. I apologize for the delay. I will have our product team look into this and will get back to you shortly. Thanks.

      • Hi Kay–do you happen to have a picture of your toilet or a model number?

  4. Brooke Marshall

    Hi, I love the wallpaper/stencil in the Treshman ads (the one with the British inspiration). If it’s possible for you to tell me where I can find that, I sure would appreciate it! Thank you!

    • Hi Brooke, this is Mark at Kohler. The wallpaper is from Cole & Son, part of their Vivienne Westwood collection: http://bit.ly/SeYqi Let me know if there’s more I can do to help!

  5. mikeknab

    Angela … I hope you can HELP…! We are fixing up a older home that has green Kohler Tub, Sink and Toilet. The Toilet had a model K-4520 stamped on it. I’m looking for a replacement seat cover (one on now does not match). I ordered a Fresh Green seat cover, but it’s to bright.

    Can you help determine what color it actually is. Best we know the house is 30 ~ 33 years old.



    • Hi Mike–this is Mark at Kohler. From the sound of it, I’d guess you have a toilet in Aspen Green. However, to be certain, could you send us a pic? Send it to kohlercustserv@kohler.com. If you cannot send a picture, see if you can get a sample of Aspen Green for comparison. Hope that helps! Let me know if there’s more I can do.

  6. sue Larson

    I am looking for a seafoam green bathroom drop in sink to replace a 1970′s era sink in my vacation home. Most Kohler outlets show a seafoa green as one of the colors in their new color chips, but no one seems to be able to order it. Is it available anywhere?

    • Hi Sue–this is Mark at Kohler. Unfortunately, seafoam green has been discontinued with Kohler. However, a few places still carry discontinued products. I would check out Peterson’s Plumbing Discount Center. They purchases discontinued items. They can be contacted by phone at 406-682-7385. Also, try Unity, a similar company. They can be contacted at 603-465-9400. Hope that helps–let me know if there’s more I can do.

  7. Mark …. I have a Fresh Green toilet seat in what appears to be an original box if you know of anyone looking for one. I purchased it but found out after the fact that our toilet was actually Aspen Green.



  8. Scott Vermillion


    I just purchased a small pink Kohler vase that looks to be vintage. Did Kohler make vases and art pottery in the past?

    Thanks for your help,

    • Hey Scott, this is Mark at Kohler. Great question! Believe it or not, Kohler did make vases at one time, in a variety of shapes and colors.

      The first vases were made about 1927-1928 when Kohler Co. introduced plumbing fixtures in color. These vases were cervical, and about 7 inches high. In 1927, the company introduced its first colors — Horizon Blue, Old Ivory, Spring Green, Lavender, Autumn Brown and West Point Gray. It seems likely that vases were made in those colors. Vases in other colors will also be found since vases were made in a wide variety of experimental colors until the exact shades of the new colors were determined.

      The first use of Kohler vases outside of the pottery test labs seems to have been as awards given to the prizewinners in the flower contest at the Kohler Village Fair.

      There are also cylinder vases about 13 inches high and 5 inches in diameter. These vases apparently date back to the same time period, late 1920′s and into the 1930′s, and were made in the original Kohler colors as well.

      A 9-inch-high vase was introduced in the mid-1940′s. These vases were shown in four colors: Spruce Green, which was in the Kohler line from 1945-1972; Peachblow, 1934-1986; Cerulean Blue, 1938-1986 and Tuscan, 1929-1953.

      Finally, a 9-inch-high gooseneck vase was first made during the introduction of the “Bold Look of Kohler” advertising campaign in the mid-1960′s. That campaign included a profusion of new colors, and vases were made in most of those colors–Expresso, Jade, Coppertone, Antique Red, Blueberry, Avocado, Tiger Lily, Harvest Gold, New Orleans Blue, Mexican Sand, Fresh Green, Black Black, Pink Champagne, Sunflower, Parchment, Country Grey, Aspen Green and Swiss Chocolate.

      Hopefully this helps give insight into your newly purchased antique! Let me know if you have any more questions, and feel free to share a photo of your vase on our Facebook wall. We’d love to see it!

  9. Pam Speranza

    I have a new Kohler Kitchen catalog: Sinks and Faucets. The Bold Look of Kohler 2011. On the second to last page, The Kohler Family of Businesses, there are two pictures of a bathroom and it has huge grey and white paisley wallpaper. Where can I find this glorious wallpaper?!

    • Kohler

      Hi Pam–this is Mark at Kohler. That wallpaper is called Rajapur. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/HDCiCR Let me know if there’s more I can do to help!

  10. Pam Speranza

    Thank you, Mark! It is absolutely awesome! I wore myself out searching for it and was thinking it was unobtainable. Excellent!

  11. Julie

    I was wondering if it is possible to find out how old a toilet is. We recently bought a home with one all pink bathroom and one all blue bathroom. I originally assumed it was an older toilet because of the color. The parts inside the tank seemed newer so I had assumed at some point it had been replaced. However, will looking at the color history I am starting to wonder if it was an “antique pink” bought in the late 1990′s. The model number inside the tank says UPC K4620 KB5. Is there a way to know if this is a 70′s or 90′s toilet?

  12. Doug

    I need to replace an older toilet (25+ years) with the numbers K 4520, but am having trouble finding the color. Needs to matche the installed one piece tub, which is the same. Do not believe the brown shade on the toilet is almond or biscuit, What color could it be? Cheers Doug

  13. tracey pekala

    I just picked up a Bathroom- Sinks & Storage catalog and there is a geometric wallpaper used with the Tresham line. Can you tell where I can find it? thank you!

    • Kohler

      Hey Tracey–this is Mark at Kohler. You must be referring to this Squiggle pattern from Cole & Son’s Vivienne Westwood collection. You can find details on it here and may be able to purchase or find a dealer through the Cole & Son site: http://bit.ly/ID6nH Hope that helps!

  14. Thank you Mark!

    The color is, as you thought, Fresh Green (34). I’ll make calls c/ the seat.

    I went to theTile Shop today and came home with earthtone neutral tiles in diffferent shapes and shades.
    I’m scared it may be to blah. I brought home some soft shades of one inch glass tiles intermixed with different neutral one inch stone tiles to look at it as I lay it out, incase….But I value your design teams input and will try it without any additional color first.

    Thanks for all your help,
    Rebecca Wilson

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